5 Best Products for Cat Owners

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Cats are excellent pet companions. Being a cat owner is extremely rewarding and surely you’d want what’s best for your cats. But with so many products available on the market, it may be overwhelming to choose the best product.

We listed 5 highly rated products below that will surely enhance the lives of your cats:

  1. Catit Flower Fountain (starting at $26): this fountain has a unique design with 3 different water flow settings to appease even the most finicky and picky cats. Swapping out a water bowl for a fountain can help stimulate a cat’s instincts. Cats love to drink running water because it feels more “natural” to them, and so they’ll more likely prefer to drink flowing water from a fountain than standing water in a bowl.
  2. SAFARI Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for Cats (starting at $15.99): this brush will make grooming your cats a breeze. It has gentle, stainless steel pins that effectively detangle your cat’s fur coat, demat and remove dead hair, and most of all, won’t irritate your cat’s skin. Also with a push of a button, the brush’s bristle pins retract for easy cleanup with minimal effort.
  3. Petmate Booda Dome Litter Box (starting at $36.99): a good litter box is essential for any cat owner. This litter box has a dome lid to ensure privacy and it also has a ramped entrance with steps to gently wipe cats’ paws clean to minimize any litter messes. In addition, this litter box also contains a charcoal filter to trap any unpleasant odors.
  4. SmartCat Pioneer Pet Ultimate Scratching Post (starting at $49.99): scratching is a strong natural instinct for most cats; it’s a form of exercise, marks territory, and helps reduce anxiety. This scratching post is excellent at helping prevent the destruction of your home furniture. This post is sturdy and tall enough to allow your cats to fully stretch their bodies. It’s also extremely durable and its surface is made from a resistant woven sisal material that won’t snag cats’ nails.
  5. PEFUNY Cat Window Perch (starting at $20.99): your cats will surely love this cozy cat seat that mounts to your windows to allow them to comfortably sunbathe while gazing out the window. It consists of a sturdy pipe frame, a soft yet durable fabric mat, and strong suction cups to hold over 40lbs.